The Archivi Guttuso Association, created with the aim to promote the knowledge and the cataloguing of Guttuso’s work, is housed in the painter’s studio in the Palazzo del Grillo, Rome. It is entitled to act legally on behalf of the Artist’s work and memory. In order to meet the need, strongly felt after his death, to provide scholars and the art market with the possibility to check the authenticity of Guttuso’ works, the Archivi Guttuso have devoted a great effort to the filing of Guttuso’s production: not only paintings, drawings and graphic works, but also writings, documents and photographs.

The strenuous surveillance and the untiring activity of cataloguing, besides producing a serious decrease in the falsification of Guttuso’s works, have led to the publication of noteworthy books such as: the 4th volume of the Catalogue Raisonné of paintings, realized in collaboration with Enrico Crispolti; the catalogue "Guttuso e il teatro musicale" (Guttuso and Opera), gathering works produced for musical settings; catalogues of the most important exhibitions realized in collaboration with Italian and foreign museums; a monograph on the painter commissioned by Rizzoli publisher.